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Our company re-manufacture to factory specification following :

-Turbo  Control Air Valve Cummins ISX  for $400.  Part numbers 3770742 ,  2836554 , 4039813 , 4037440 , 4036195 , 4046304 , 00402016A1 and 00402016A2 (00402016 A1 , 2258 A7 , A6 and 00402016 A2). You get the valve for $330 if you send or bring us your old valve. Discount for regular customers (10+ valves per month).

We give one year warranty. We use more advanced materials  for the best quality.

-EGR valve Cummins ISX, ISM. Cost is $450,when you bring or send us your core.

-Turbo actuator for Cummins ISX. Cost is $250.

-Instrument cluster, price is $180-250. Buzzer $120.

-Electronic VGT Turbo Actuator (part # 4032761nx, 28091294, 4034210, P-2835946, P-2837201, P-4045991, P-3787559). Price is $380.

Repair LCD display MG465NU-LY.

  Also we buy nonworking turbo control air valves, EGR valves and VGT actuators.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate  to call us  (312) 450-7788.




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